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Ashley Stiven

Businessman and Physiotherapist

About Ashley Stiven

Ashley Stiven is a highly experienced professional within healthcare and sports medicine who also has expertise in managing business operations. He has over 20 years of experience in the industry and continues to provide high-quality care and treatment for his clients. 

Ashley Stiven’s Education

Ashley has been able to expand his career to include more than just physiotherapy, although that is what he is most focused on during his day-to-day. With his deep interest in keeping fit and healthy, Ashley Stiven decided to attend the University of Otago to study physical education. He received his Bachelor of Physical Education (BPE) degree in 1992 before continuing on with his education. He then went on to complete a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) degree from the same university. After a few years of working in physiotherapy, Ashley Stiven received his Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) in Sportsmedicine. Aside from his degrees from the university, Ashley also receives his Annual Practicing Certificate (NZ) from the Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand. He has many qualifications to go along with his experience in this field. 

Ashley Stiven’s Career

Throughout his over 20 years long career, Ashley has held numerous roles in with various responsibilities. The beginning of his career included jobs such as Junior Physiotherapist, where Ashley learned about the industry and how to communicate with clientele. Ashley began working at Sportsmed Otago Physiotherapy Ltd in 1998 and had held various roles before being promoted to Senior Physiotherapist, in which he still works today. 

Throughout his long career, Ashley Stiven had the opportunity to initiate the formation of three Sportsmed clinics that specialise in physiotherapy in Otago and Southland. Ashley helped operate the Southland Physiotherapy and Mosgiel Physiotherapy in the Partner Sportsmed role. He was responsible for managing and mentoring staff to run the clinics on their own successfully. Ashley has also developed training procedures to ensure that operations run smoothly. 

Aside from the Southland Physiotherapy and Mosgiel Physiotherapy clinics, Ashley Stiven helped form the Eclipse Health Wellness Performance clinic, where he still works today. He is the Clinical Director of the facility and helps to collaborate between various health and medical professionals to ensure that each client receives the care that they need. He ensures that all safety requirements are met and had created the Standard Operating Procedure manual, which is used across all three facilities. Ashley is a skilled businessman who has used his knowledge and networking skills to develop relationships with various groups which has brought in business. He is responsible for managing many major clients that he was able to bring on board.

Ashley Stiven is very interested in helping people recover from complex sports injuries, and this has led him to take on roles with professional athletes and rugby teams. He was the Physiotherapist for the Otago Rugby Team and works as the High-Performance Medical Consultant for the Honda Professional Rugby Team. He has a deep understanding of the recovery processes for sports injuries as well as post-surgical rehabilitation and work-related rehabilitation. 

Ashley Stiven has been able to maintain a long and successful career working in sports medicine through his extensive knowledge of physiotherapy and business.