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Most entrepreneurs are one-stop solutions when they start out on their entrepreneurial journeys. They are expert multitaskers and solely responsible for the health as well as the profit-making of their entrepreneurial venture. Now, while this is perhaps acceptable in the beginning, any entrepreneur who wants to take their start-up to the next level needs to expand and welcome in other members into their business effort. So, how can a solopreneur become a team leader? Let’s learn below –

  • Hire according to your strengths and weaknesses – As an individual, you will have your set of strengths and weaknesses. When you hire employees for your business, you will want to usher people on board who can complement your strengths and balance out your weaknesses.
  • Learn how to share responsibilities – A solopreneur is accustomed to having his or her own way around the business’ efforts. It’s absolutely natural for them to find it difficult to relinquish control. As a team leader, you need to be open to inputs and advice from your employees. It is the only way your company will grow – with the help of multiple perspectives.
  • Be accepting of failures – Your team will fail and let you down. It is bound to happen sometime or the other. You shouldn’t see this failure as a shortcoming on your capabilities as a manager. Don’t be overly critical of employees when they don’t match up to your expected standards. Allow them to fail and learn from their mistakes. Such an approach is healthy for any group effort.
  • Build trust as a leader – Try to foster a sense of trust and nurturing among your employees. They should be able to rely on you for guidance and accept your leadership. Additionally, it is your job to bring about an atmosphere for them where they’re able to feel valued and wanted. Your company productivity will shoot up once you’ve been able to succeed in building trust with your hires.