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Ashley Stiven Business Leaders

Maybe you are a small business leader looking for any advantage possible to get ahead as you try and help yourself and your company breakthrough to the big time. Or, maybe you’ve already made that breakthrough, and are looking to sustain that growth. Perhaps you run a company that’s been on top for decades now and have a totally different challenge of expanding something that’s already so big.

But whether you run a small business, a major conglomerate, or anything in between, every business leader can learn from the lessons extolled here.

Embrace Vulnerability and Trust

With all the talk of toxic masculinity and cliques in the workplace, vulnerability is a far better trust and team-building ingredient. Acting like the most aggressive individual in the company will only put people off, and pretending to be self-sufficient will only expose how vulnerable and dependent you are. Building on that common need for needing others can help you build trust and teamwork within your company, with yourself leading by example. 

Take the Time to Reflect

Nobody’s perfect, and it doesn’t benefit you to pretend you are. Take the time to reflect every now and again, and don’t be afraid to admit mistakes when you make them. The sooner you do so, the sooner you can correct those mistakes. Moreover, reflecting and admitting mistakes can contribute towards that previous point about sharing vulnerability and the team-building potential it can create.

Fortune Favors the Bold

While you never want to jeopardize your company, you don’t want it to stagnate, either.

Fortune favours the bold, and you can’t enjoy either without a little intelligent risk-taking. That doesn’t mean chasing after every potential risk out there. Rather, it means having the kind of vision that favours bold thinking, identifying risks worth taking, and chasing after them when prudent and possible.

No matter the size of your business, these basic tips can help business leaders lead their businesses towards greater periods of employee confidence and professional flourishing.