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When you run a business, you want to automate various processes, such as the way your customers and lead communicate with your company. After doing considerable amounts of research, you discover there are two viable solutions – deploy a chatbot or a virtual agent.

However, as both these terminologies sound the same, you don’t know which one to pick. Is one better than the other in various types of business operations or do they perform the same functions? With this guide, you will be able to make the right decision for your company. 

Chatbot vs Virtual Agent – What’s the difference?

Chatbots are tools which use artificial intelligence and machine learning to complete specific tasks. The most common example of this type of technology is when you visit a website. A bot will ask you why you are on this site and how it can help you navigate and obtain the necessary information. Several businesses use them for simple tasks, such as engaging with consumers and directing them towards marketing and sales.

On the other hand, virtual agents are quite different despite similar technologies. However, they are more advanced when compared to chatbots and can perform a variety of tasks regardless of the complexity.

Which one should you choose?

The biggest question is to know which one to choose so your company benefits immensely. Regardless of whether you opt for a virtual agent or a chatbot, there will be an improvement in productivity

You should use chatbots if you need a tool to perform repetitive tasks, such as answering simple customer queries. While virtual agents can do the same, you have the option of using them for a large number of activities. For example, they can manage the identity of all the employees, ensuring the process takes only a couple of minutes.

At the end of the day, the one you choose should fulfill your requirements. So make sure you evaluate the needs of your company, before making a decision.